A Millennium of
Challenge and Grace

The Autumn of Christendom

The Suppression of the Knights Templar

The Avignon Papacy

Pope John XXII

Back to Rome

Pedro de Luna

Council of Constance

Alternative Ecclesiologies

At the Center

Reformers not from Wittenberg U.



Henry Cleaves the Church to Catch a Wife

The Battle of Britain


Charles V

The Schmalkaltic War

Council of Trent

Catholic Reform and Counter-Reform

A Great Wave of Saints

Cross and Crescent

The Battle of Lepanto

Bloody Christendom: Wars of Religion

Life in 1648: Leviathan

The Lesser Gods of Philosophy and Science

The Lesser God of the Diests

Philosophers of Reason

Jansenism: Holier Than Thou

Saint Sulpice and the Saints of the 17th Century

Schools, Missions and Saints

Saint Vincent de Paul

Catholic Missions of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Parish Life in Old France

Aristocratic Bishop and the French Revolution

The French Revolution

The French Revolution Turns Radical

Two Pius Popes and a Bunch of Revolutionaries

The Parallel Lives of Saint John Vianney and Prince Talleyrand

France in the Nineteenth Century

Louis Napoleon's France


Liberalism and Modernism

A Tübingen Seed named Möhler

Protestants Grapple with Liberalism and Secularization

Vatican I

The Industrial Revolution Challenges the Church

Rerum Novarum

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Leo, Newman, and John Bosco

The Catholic Church Becomes a Global Church I

The Catholic Church Becomes a Global Church II

Pius X

Benedict XV and the Great War


Two Pius Popes and a Bunch of Fascists

Hitler and National Socialism

Hitler's Culture of Death: Terror, Euthanasia, Holocaust

War and Remembrances

Pius XII and Holocaust Historiography

The Other Pius XII: Theologian, Pontiff, and the Father of Vatican II

The Calling of the Second Vatican Council

Gaudium et Spes in the Post War Era

Life After the Big Bang

Post-War France and Eastern Europe

Stalin's Nuclear Russia

The Iron Hand Behind the Iron Curtain

Khrushchev and the Showdown in Cuba

Christianity in the People Republics of Eastern Europe

Brezhnev and Communism in Crisis

The Mouse that Roared: Pacem in Terris

The End of the Cold War: Gorbachev, Reagan, and John Paul II

How the State of Israel Came to Be

Israel in Palestine

Israel in Palestine: The Sequel

Vatican Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Vatican Foreign Policy in the Middle East: The Sequel

Islam, Pakistan, and Wahabism

Jihadists in Afghanistan

The Challenge of Islamic Fundamentalism

Jihadists and Nuclear Nightmares

The Threshold of Hope