Pius XII and the Holocaust


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Admiral Horthy


Arrow Cross Movement

Apostolic Delegate Cicognini

World Jewish Congress

War Refugee Board

Archbishop Angelo Rotta, papal nuncio

Joel Brandt

Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews



Adolf Eichmann

Bishop of Bratislava

Cardinal Seredi

"Letters of Protection"

Ralph McInerny, The Defamation of Pius XII

Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty

A Notary for the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office

Monsignor Duca

Major Sam Derry, British Royal Artillery

Marshal von Kesselring

Prince Doria Pamphili

Council of Three: O'Flaherty, Count Salsfield Salazar, John May

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El Alamein


"William O'Flynn"

The Scarlet and the Black

General Kurt Maetzler

SS Lt. Col. Herbert Kappler

Father Anselmo Musters

Rolf Hochhuth

Der Stellvertreter: The Deputy

"The Deputy of the Jew-God"

John Simon

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Gunter Lewy, Catholic Church and Nazi Germany

Justus George Lawler, Popes and Politics

John Cornwall, Hitler's Pope

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