A Peaceful Pope in a World at War


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Archduke Franz Ferdinand




Black Hand: Union or Death



Triple Alliance/ Dual Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary... and Italy)

Triple Entente (Russia, France... and Great Britain)

Barbara Tuchman: The Guns of August

The Schlieffen Plan

Plan 17 - Joffre

Liege and Namur fortresses

Giacomo Della Chiesa, Benedict XV

Cardinal Ferrata as Secretary of State

Pope Calixtus II (Truce of God; Concordat of Worms)

Innocent VII (had been Archbishop of Bologna)

First Battle of the Marne

No Man's Land

Skoda & Krupp

Enfield Rifle

Maxim Machine Gun

The Battle of Verdun

Von Falkenhayn's Strategy of Annihilation

Marshal Foch: ils ne passeront pas!

Battle of the Somme

George Clemenceau

"le pape boche"

Office for Prisoners

"religio depopulata"

Monsignor Eugenio Pacelli

King Charles IV (Emperor Karl I) (beatified October 3, 2004)