Two Pius Popes and a Bunch of Revolutionaries


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Thermidorian Reaction


Napoleon Bonaparte

Whiff of Grapeshot


Coup d'tat de Brumaire

First Consul

Code Napoleon

The Two Nations of France


Treaty of Tolentino (1797)

Valence, France

Venice, San Giorgio Island

Bishop Chiaramonte of Imola

Battle of Marengo

The Vendee Revolt

Talleyrand and Cardinal Consalvi

Concordat of 1801

The Legations: Ravenna, Ferrara, Bologna

La Petit Eglise

The Organic Articles

Gallican Decree of 1682

Continental System

Marie Louise of Austria

Monsignor Emery, rector of St. Sulpice


Battle of Leipzig

Battle of Waterloo (Movie:  charge of the Heavy Cavalry)

St. Helena exile