Bloody Christendom: Wars of Religion


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Catherine de Medici

Henry of Navarre

Margaret Valois

Admiral de Coligny

Guise family

Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre

War of the Three Henrys

"Paris is worth a Mass"


Peace of Augsburg: 1555

Ulm, Baden-Wrttemberg

Neu-Ulm, Bavaria

Archduke Ferdinand

The Defenestration at Prague

Count Thurn

King Christian of Denmark

Marshal Tilly and Count von Wallenstein

The Romantic Road

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

King Gustavus Augustus of Sweden

Porcupine Formation


Battle of Leutzen

Catholics 3- Lutherans 0

Cardinal Richelieu

Muenster: Peace of Westphalia

Elizabeth I - James I - Charles I

John Pym

Parliamentarians/ Presbyterians/ Puritans

Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army

The Cropping of Puritan Ears