It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Merovingian World

Roman Ruins

Byzantium Survives under Justinian

Monophysites and Monotheletes: The Emperor Does Theology

The Christian Church Survives Rome's Ruin

The Germans

The Christmas Crowning of Charlemagne

Carolingian Disappointments

Muslims and Magyars make Mincemeat of Europe

The Message of the Prophet

Era of the Rightly Guided Ones

From Viking Chaos to Viking Conversion

Feudal but not Futile

The System of Vassals and Lords; Cooperation

How Feudalism Corrupted the Church

The Fish Stinks Worst at the Head

Monasteries Save the Day

A German Emperor and an Alsatian Pope

The Great Schism Mars Papal Reforms

Pope Saint Gregory VII

The Call for a Crusade

The Latin East

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die: The Military Orders

Bad Bail-Outs: The Second and Third Crusades

Crusader Castles and a Crafty Blind Venetian

The Fourth Crusade: Disaster in the East

Saintly Soldier, Soldierly Saint; Louis IX of France

Prosperity Comes to Europe: Cities, Fairs, and Jews

The Cistercians Reform the Cluniac Reformers

Peter Waldo and Francis of Assisi

St. Dominic and the Albigensians

When Good Orders go Bad; Nothing Fails like Success

The Recovery of Learning

Universitas Societas Majistorum Discipulorumque

From Greek to Arabic to Latin: Aristotle Comes West

Aristotle Takes Paris by Storm

Thomas Aquinas

The Summa

Medieval Cathedrals: Faith Expressed in Stone

A Distant Mirror: The Hundred Years War: Personalities

A Distant Mirror: The Hundred Years War: The Nations

Bubonic Plague