Chapter 42: Bubonic Plague


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Battle of Crecy

Janisbeg Khan

Tartars, Western Kipchaks

Kirgizstan (also known as Kyrgyzstan)


Gabriel De Mussis

map of the plague trail

Messina, Sicily

John VI Cantacuzenus

"Hyperborean Sythians"

Marsailles, Barcelona, Valencia

Avignon, Montpilier, Toulouse, Bordeaux

Corsica, Sardinia

Genoa to Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Parma, Piacenza

Petrarch in Parma: "Where shall I turn? Everything is woe, terror, everywhere.  You may see in me what you have read in Virgil of the great city, with 'everywhere tearing pain, everywhere fear and the manifold image of death.' Oh, brother, would that I had never been born or that I had already met my death."

Pope Clement VI

Sisters at H๔tel-Dieu

Celestial Conjunction

Brethren of the Cross or Brotherhood of Flagellants (interesting article)


Zoffingen, Switzerland, Chillon on Lake Geneva

Bern and Freiburg

Emperor Charles IV; Duke Albert of Austria

Castle Kyberg

Prince Rupert von der Pfalz

Duke Boleslaw V of Poland

King Casimir the Great of Poland

"Dance of Death" Hans Holbein Woodcuts

Cult of Saint Sebastian