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Charles V of France
Charles VI, royal uncles:  Dukes of Anjou, Berri, Burgundy
Charles the Mad, Charles the Well-Beloved 

Philip the Bold of Burgundy v. Duke Louis of Orleans (Charles’ brother)

Disaster at Nicopolis 1395  (Constantinople falls in 1453)

Treaty of Bretigny of 1360
Alice Perrers’ dominance and Fr. Langland’s sermons
John Wyclif & Lollards
1376  The Black Prince dies
1377    King Edward III dies
            King Richard II is 10 years old
1399    Henry “IV” cousin, overthrow & starvation in the Tower
            End of Plantagenants; coming of the Yorks
1400    revolt
1402    revolt
- 1409  revolt in Wales
1405    French invade Wales
            Archbishop of York revolts
1413    Henry IV dies; Henry V.  This war is no longer personal; it’s become national.

In France:

Pro-Armegnac v. Burgundians under John the Fearless

Landing at Harfleur, not Calais
October 25th 1415 at Agincourt

1419    John the Fearless is assassinated (while negotiating w. Dauphin Charles) Burgundians (Philip the Good) seek an English treaty:  Treaty of Troyes:
Henry V gets Catherine, but he dies.  Henry VI is 9 months old!
Duke of Bedford is regent; baby Henry crowned king of France in 1436 – in Paris.
All northern France to the Loire; in west, Guyenne-Bordeaux.
Seige of Orleans will open southern France.  William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk
Jeanne d’Arc of Dorémy
Vaucouleur & Robert de Baudricourt
Chinon; Poitiers
St. Loup fort; La Torelle (Gladsdale drowns)
Failure at Paris 1430; capture at Compiège.  “We have burned a saint”
1455; 1869 (Bishop Dupanloup of Orleans; 1920 Pope Benedict XV.
1449,1450,1453 … only Calais.
English Civil War of the Roses