CHAPTER 39:The Great Churches of Medieval Europe


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Durham, England

Bishop William of Saint Carileph, 1093

"Norman architecture"


Antwerp's Unserer Lieben Frau, 1124

Santiago de Campostela

1075, Master Bernhard the Elder, Master Esteban (1128)

Bourges, Archbishop Henri de Sully

Notre Dame de Paris

Chartres, (876 Santa Camisia) Bishop Fulbert

Thierry of Chartres and John of Salisbury


Saint Hugh of Cluny

King Philip Augustus

Emperor Charles IV

Master Matthew of Arras, Cathedral of Saint Vitus

Grave of Saint Wenceslas (Saint John Nepomuk)


Abbot Suger of Saint Denis

Bishop Pierre de Montreuil of Paris (Bishop Jean de Chelles)

Dijon, William of Volpiano, Saint Bénigne

Fabbrica Committee for Milan, Florence, Siena

Abbot Raoul for Saint Jouin de Marne


Le Mans

Gautier de Courland, Poitiers

1174 Canterbury, William of Sens

"Francigenum" - Strasbourg, Westminster, Assisi, Uppsala, Famagusta

King Charles V

"A cathedral is not a book of light and stone; it is a library"