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Ibn Sina (980 – 1037)

The Question of Universals:

            A. In the Mind of God

            B. Clothed in accidents

            C. Abstracted and universalized by human intellect

“First intentions”

“Second intentions”


Active Intelligence

Avicennes (Reza Aslan; Karen Armstrong)

David Knowles:  …his rataional scheme of things was attacked by conservative theologians in Islam, and his teachings may have been passed into relative oblivion in the East.”

“In the West, however, the conflict between reason and revelation was to become acute.”

Ibn Rushd, Averroës

The doctrine of Double Truth

Solom Ibn Gebirol (1021 – 1070)

“matter and form”

The Will of God

Moses ben Maiman or “Maimonides

“supreme master of human science”

Guide for the Perplexed

Dominic Gundisalvi, archdeacon of Toledo

De immortalitate animae

Pope Greagory IX:  Parens scientiarum

Forbids “those books of natural philosophy … until they could be studied and corrected.”

William of Auxerre

Stephan of Provin

Roger Bacon:  Aristotle is The Philosopher as St. Paul is The Apostle.

Roland of Cremona

Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Kilwardly

Albert “doctor universalis” Magnus

Aristotle as “a vision of truth on the natural level, valid within certain agreed limits and therefore to be sought for its own sake as a part of the knowledge of creation given to man as his birthright and heritage.”

Thomas Aquinas