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Pope Innocent III

Prince Alexis Angelus

Emperor Isaac II

Alerumus of Clari

April 13, 1304

Doge Dandalo

Baldwin, Count of Flanders

Boniface, Marquis of Monteferrat

Romania, Peloponnesus, Crete, Thrace, Gallipoli at Hellespont

San Marco, Venice

Shroud of Turin (1204 – 1357:  mysterious period)

Having neither right nor power over the Greeks you seem to have imprudently deviated from the purity of your vow, when you marched not against the Saracens, but against the Christians, meaning not to conquer Jerusalem, but to take Constantinople, preferring earthly riches to heavenly riches.”

-         Innocent III to Boniface of Monteferrat

Abbot Martin of Pairis, Colmar

Gunter:  Historia Constantinopolitana

“a not inconsiderable piece of Saint John, forerunner of the Lord”

1218                Hungarian Crusade by Andrew

1218-21           un-coordinated FIFTH CRUSADE

1228-29           Frederick II

1239                Theobald of Navarre

1246-54           Saint Louis IX:  SIXTH CRUSADE

1270-72           Edward of England

1270                Saint Louis IX to Tunis

John of Brienne

“Kingdom of Jerusalem” from Amaury II to Amaury III to Mary

John & Mary wed 1210

Baby Yolande born 1212

1215 Fourth Lateran Council:  Ad Liberandum

Cardinal Cencio Savelli:  Honorius III

1225 Yolande (13 years old) marries Frederick II

1228 Sultan Kamil compromises on the Holy Land

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