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Pope St. Leo IX



Bishop Leo Okhrida of Bulgaria

Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Morovia and Croatia

Bulgarian Khan Boris and Louis the German

Emperor Basil II (Bulgar-Slayer) and Patriarch Photius

Patriarch Michael Cerularius

“Straighten yourself out!  Correct your errors!  Abandon unleavened bread and observance of the Sabbath to the Jews, use meat with blood in it to the pagans and barbarians, in order to put yourself in accord with us in true orthodoxy.”


Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Constantinope

“Roma locuta – res decida – causa finita!”

Council of Constantinople, Canon 3:

Meta ton teis Romeis espiscopon

Nicephorus:  You Romans have separated yourselves from the Church.”

“It is completely inappropriate that you, who have rejected the Greek empire and united yourselves in union with the Franks, should preserve any rifht of jurisdiction in our empire.”  (regarding Bulgaria)

Epanagoge of Patriarch Photius:

The See of Constantinople, which brings glory to the capital city, is recognized as prmary in the decrees of Councils.  As a consequence of this the Divine Law ordains that other bishops who are in disagreement come for judgment to this See of Constantinople.  Every Patriarch must be concerned with the metropolitans, bishops, monasteries and churches and equally with overseeing and judging conflicts.  However, the Patriarch of Constantinople is allowed even in other Sees where churches are not blessed, to give stravropigia (independent status), and moreover to review and correct those persons involved in controversies in other Sees.”

Emperor Constantine Monomachus

Humbert, Frederick, Peter of Amalfi

Studite monk

July 15, 1054:  Hagia Sofia

Bishop Gebhard of Eichstädt … Pope Victor II

Beatrice of Tuscany and daughter Matilda

“Pope Benedict X” or Pope Nicholas II

Electoral Decree of 1059:  The College of Cardinals

Bishops:  Ostia, Porto, Albano, Silva Candida, Palestrina, Sabina, Tusculum

7 Cardinal-Bishops, 28 Cardinal-Priests, 18 Cardinal-Deacons