Carolingian Disappointments


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W. Carroll:  “slide toward chaos”

J. Strayer:  “The collapse of the Carolingian Empire – Feudalism”

C. Dawson: “The Age of the Vikings and the Conversion of the North”

B. Tierney:  “The West Besieged:  Muslim, Magyar and Viking Invasions”

Louis the Pious (814 – 840)


Charles the Bald (Neustria)

Louis the German (Austrasia)

Bernard the Nephew

Judith of Bavaria & son Charles

Pope Gregory IV at Colmar in Alsace

Pope Valentine

Constitutio Lothari

            9 articles:  by Roman presbyteral cardinals

Pope Eugenius II, Council of the Lateran (826)

The Field of Lies

Battle of Fontenoy: Lothar & Pepin v. Charles and Louis

Treaty of Verdun (843)


Muslims attack Italy, Rome, Sicily, Taranto, Brindisi, southern Provençe


Pope Leo IV and the Leonine City  (“Civitas Leonina”)

Pope Benedict III & Legend of Pope Joan (Pope John VII)

Theodora and Marozia

“Since then professional historians have generally regarded this fable as beneath their notice.”  W. Carroll Building of Christendom


Pope Benedict III “worthy of tears”

Between Pope Leo IV and Pope Nicholas I “the Great”