Monophysites and Monotheletes: The Emperor Does Theology


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Heraclius, Armenian, "Power must shine more in love than in terror."
Antioch, Damascus, Jerusalem (church of the Holy Sepulcher)
Patriarch Zacharias of Jerusalem
Nestorians, Monophysites, Jews
Mosul on the Tigris
Four Caliphs: Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman, Ali
Cyprus, Rhodes, Sicily, Crete, Constantinople ("Greek fire")
"Thelima" > mono-theletism
Sophronius of Alexandria & Pope Honorius
Constans II & Pope Martin
Pope Vitalian
The Ravenna Pallium controversy
Constantine IV: "To the head of the first see of the universal church, standing on the firm rock of faith."
Council of Trullo (691) from Trullan

Pope Sergius; Emperor Justinian II "Rhinometus"
Ecloga (decrees "corrected with a view to greater humanity") & The Rural Code
Council of Elvira, 303
Epiphanus of Cyprus
The Statue of Christ at the Chalke
Patriarch Germanus & Pope Gregory II
Pope Hadrian I: Council of Nicaea II (787)
Emperor Leo V > Irene II and son Constantine VI