Early Church History 42

Monica's Son; Ambrose's Friend

Saint Augustine of Hippo, Hugh Pope, O.P., 1949

Thagaste, North Africa, November 13, 354

Tunesia, Gracchi Brothers

Battle of Zama Regina

Bishop Alypius, Bishop Firmus

Firmus Nomine/ Firmior Voluntate!

Martyr Crispina

"Romans," Hellenes, Jews, Arabs, Berbers

Donatists, Manicheans, Pelagians

Terance: Publicus Terantius Afer, Apuleius of Madaura, Arnobius of Sicca, Lactantius

C. Marius Victorinus, Saint Optatus

Friends Alypius, Possidius, Romanianus, Licentius, Navigius, "sister"

Patritius and Monica

son Adeodatus "in him there is naught of me save my sin" (Confessions, IX, 14)


Cicero's Hortensius

"I deceived her when she clung to me and tried to make me come back home or at least to let her come with me ..."

"Bishop" Faustus

Senator and philosopher Symmachus, Prefect of Rome

"the holy old man Simplicianus," assistant to Pope Damasus  Simplicianus Victorinus


Verecundus of Milan: Cassisiacum

Augustine, Monica, Alypius, Adeodatus, Navigius, Licentius

De Beata Vita

"Nothing is far from God; no reason to fear He will find it difficult at the end of the world to know whence to raise me."

Bishop Megalius

coajdutor bishop of Hippo, Christmas 395

"For i have made up my mind that, God willing, any leisure time I may have over from those occupations which the needs of the Church whose servant I am, demand, must be wholly devoted to ecclesiastical studies; indeed, I think that in that sphere I may, by God's mercy, be of some use to prosperity."

"Herein you have a portrait of me which will prevent you from praising me beyond my desserts; therein you have to believe me -- not other people -- about myself."