Early Church History 41

Roman Developments

Pope Damasus

Johann Adam Möhler

Matthew 16: 19; John 21: 15-19; Luke 22: 31 and following.

VIP: Pope Damasus did not invent this Petrine doctrine. He annunciated it more clearly than done in the past.

Office of Archdeacon, oculus episcopi

Optatus for Caecilian of Carthage, 370

Ignatius of Antioch; consenssus presbyterorum

The Lector ... acolyte, sub-deacon, deacon, presbyter, bishop

Apostolic Constitutions, Book 8

Pope Siricius to Bishop Himerius:

si eum cleri ac plebis edecumarit electio

or cleri plebisque

Emperor Valentinian II

Jovinian's assetion of the radical equality of marriage and consecrated virginity


Pope Anastasius

The question of Illyricum: Bishop of Thessolonica named Vicar Apostolic

Pope Zosimus 417 - 418

Patroclus of Arles


Bishop Aurelian promised to "consider the matter at the next synod."

Pope Boniface I

Deacon Celestine: Pelagian Controversy, Nestorian Controversy

Cyril of Alexandria

Council of Ephesus

Pope Sixtus III

Saint John Cassian, Prosper of Aquitaine

Pope Saint Leo I, the Great

97 sermons perserved, 143 letters, liturgical texts, sacramentary "Veronense"

Council of Chalcedon, 451

Leo's Theology, Christology and Ecclesiology

Jesus is consubstantialis patri, consubstantialis matri

fully God and fully human: double consubstantiality

Christ's humanity connects with each of us, catch up our nature and unites it to the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, which capitulates all the Old Testament sacrifices, but his divine nature elevates the sacrifice and achieves reconciliation between God and Man.

When we, as individuals, are in Christ, we are saved, because Christ saves the body, the corpus, the Church.

The mystery of the liturgy celebrates this reality and draws us into this reality.

Sacramentum pascale

Easter is the "victoria iusta" but also the "justificatio," not only "abolitio peccati, but "initium ad vitam aeternam resurgenti"

The Church is communio sanctorum

The Church is a pyramid with Christ and his vicar at the head. Metropolitans gather bishops in "concordia sacerdotu,, collegium caritatis, especially in synods.  We as individual Christians are gathered in this great ediface which is Christ, and in this is our salvation.

Leo I faces down Attila the Hun at Mincio in 452.