Early Church History 35

The Splendid Mass

Joseph Jungmann, The Mass of the Roman Rite

Herder Verlag, Vienna, 1949

Hitler's Anschluss: Innsbruck, Collegium Maximum, Canisianum

Pope Pius XII's Mediator Dei "The Mass is the chief act of divine worship; it should also be the source and the center of Christian piety." (201)

Roman-African, Gallican-Gaul, Celtic, Mozarabic, Ambrosian-Milan

Pope Gelasius I:  Kyrie; Pope Gregory I: Our Father after Great Amen

Sacramentarium Leonianum

Sacramentarium, Apostolus, Evangelium, scola cantorum, cantatorium, ordines.

Ordo Romanus I

Pope leaves Saint John Lateran, the Patriarchium

acolytes, defensores, seven deacons, sub-deacons Pope on horseback, chief officers of the papal household

apse, altar, cathedra

six sub-urbicarian bishops, six pastors of titular churches


alb, cingularum, linea dalmatica, major dalmatica, chasible (planeta), pallium


"Domni iubete!"

"Glria Patri"

"Gloria in excelsis Deo"

ambo, thurifer, boat

corporal, mensa


Final Doxology: Through Him, with Him and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is Yours Almighty Father for ever and ever.

Pax Domini

Agnus Dei


"Ita, missa est!"

"Deo Gratias"