Early Church History 34

The Splendid Church


Are these claims reasonable?

The story of Aconia Paulina ... Eleusis, Dionysos, Lerna, Aegina, Hicate, Taurobolium.

"Tauroboliatus" and "Tauroboliata"

Rev. T. M. Lindsay, "Triumph of Christianity:" "furred, feathered and scaly dieties"


Plotinus & Porphyry, Iamblichus

Lindsay: "Such was the paganism which faced Christianity in the Fourth Century -- a marvelous mixture of philosophy and reason, not without grandeur and nobility of thought, feeling keenly the unity of nature, the essential kinship of man with the Divine, and knowing something of the yearning in man's heart for redemption and for communion with God.  It was able to fascinate and enthrall many of the keenest intellects and loftiest natures of the time. It laid hold on Julian."

Ignatius of Antioch, Clement of Rome, Hegessippus, Irenaeus of Lyons

theodoret: "one God, one Christ, one Bishop"


Optatus for Caecilian of Carthage

Council of sardica, 343

Lector (sub-deacon, acolyte, exorcist)

Council of Hippo, 393

Pope Siricius, 385

Jerome, Augustine, Ambrose

"cleri plebisque"

Council of Elvira, 305

Saint Cyprian of Carthage

Byzantium: Melkites

sub-urbanicarian Churches

prima sedes, secunda sedes, tertia sedes

Elvira, Ancyra, Neocaesarea, Rome, Arles, Carthage, Hippo, Nicea, Sardica ...Editio princeps