Early Church History 31


Maximin crosses Bosphorus, Byzantium and Heracleia


Thrace near Adrianople

Engineer Theotecnus, inventor of Zeus Philios status

Valeria and Prisca

Diocletian at Salona.  Aurelius Victor

Constantine and Licinius

Bassianus and Anastasia

Italy and Illyricum

XII Legion (siege of Jerusalem, 70 A.D.; Fulminata)

Sebaste martyrs in Armenia

Baths of Sebastia, calidarium

Veneration of the Forty Martyrs, Church of Saint Mary Antigua


Crsipus at Byzantium

Exile to Thessalonica

Donatist affair: Donatus of Casae Nigrae, Numibia

Bishop Mensurius, Deacon Caecilian

Bishop Paul of Cirta

Majorinus, lector, and Lucilla

Donatists v. Catholics

Pope Miltiades and the Synod of Nineteen held at Domus Faustae, Lateran

"I believe that he (Caecilian) ought to be left with the right of ecclesiastical communion and dignity of office."

"The Church of the Martyrs" v. "The Church of the Traditores"

Synod at Arles, Gaul

22 cans: #13 about "traditores:" removal from clerical office, IF it can be proved by documentation and public evidence that they did it; simple accusations or "credible accusations" were not accepted.

Canon #8: Baptism by schismatics and heretics is valid, as long as water and Trinitarian formula is used.