Early Church History 30

Showdown at Red Rocks

Milvian Bridge or Saxa Rubra

Maxentius (son of Maximian) Rome, Italy, Rhaetia, islands in western Mediterranean


Verona and Milan

Riccotti: "He (Maxentius) had never been a military genius; now his terror was such that it did not even allow him to see that though his position was very dangerous, it was not really desperate."

Via Flaminia

"quod instinctu divitatis"

Τούτώ Νίκά  Conquer All!  In Hoc Signum vincet!

The labarum

Lactantius: a Rho with a horizontal bar

Eusebius: a chi crossing the Rho (ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ)

Ramsey mac Mullan: If the sky writing was witnessed by 40,000 men, the true miracle lies in their unbroken silence about it!

Sol Invictus coin until 325

XX Ward or Municipio: Labaro

spes publica rather than respublica

312 alignment of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter discovered in 1950's at Zeiss Planetarium in Jena, Germany.

Tiber River beyond the prima Porta, the villa of Livia ("gallinas albas")

la Celsa and Saxa Rubra

General von Moltke


Praetorian Guard

City prefect Auerilius Victor

damnatio memoriae of Maxentius and Maximinus

"rimus Augusti" over Licinius and Maximin in the East

Helen's daughter, Anastasia

Constantine was gifted with "arcanum"

Sol Invictus or Deus sol

Pope Miltiades given the palace of the Laterni family, Domus Faustae,

Helen moves to Domus Sessoriana, the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem

Pope Sylvester I, Liber Pontificalis

Saint Paul Outside the Walls, endowments to Egypt, Tyre and Tarsus

De Rossi: "felicissimus pecorarium" from the "basilica apostoli Pauli et trium dominorum nostrum"

Basilica of Saint Lawrence on Via Tiburtine

On Via Labicana. basilica for Marcellinus and Peter

Constanina: Saint Agnes

Basilica of saint Sebastian, "Basilica Apostolorum"

Pontifex Maximus or "Bishop to Those on the Outside"

313 Constantine married off Constantia to Emperor Licinius

Edict of Milan (Edict by Galerius)