Early Church History 28

"Flores Martyrum"

Guiseppi Riccotti, The Age of Martyrs, 1959

MAURETANIA, 304, Fabius


NUMIDIA, Theveste (conscript Maximilian, 295), Crsipina

"Christo laudes ago... gaudebat cum danmnabatur"

Abitina near Carthage, Fundatus, Saturninus, Victoria, Proconsul Anulinus

Maxima and Donatilla and Secunda

EGYPT, Bishop Peter of Alexandria, Philoromus and Phileas

Judge Culciumus

"Appellationem peiti!"

"Quid appellasti?"

Phileas: I have not appealed; anthing but that! Take no notice of that unfortunate man. For my part, I am very grateful to the emperors and to you, judge, for allowing me to become a coheir with Jesus Christ.

Priest Pamphilus (time of Zenobia, set up library at Caesarea)

deacon Valens and Paul

Porphyrius: Are you a Christian? Yes!


Seleucus, Theodulus

February 306. Lawyer Apphianus from Beirut attacked Governor urbanus


GAZA, Valentina

TYRE, punishment for parricides

ANTIOCH, Lucian.  Helenopolis


SIRMIUM. Sinerus "What are you looking for?  What kind of lady comes out for a walk at such an hour.  Kindly get out and pereserve your virtue as an honest matron should."

wife of a friend of the Emperor Galenius

"Quod genus tibi est? "Christianus sum!"  February 22, 307

The Five Sculptors of Sirmium

Diocletian's villa at Salona

Statue of Aesculapius

Bishop Cyril of Antioch, confessor metallici

Agnes, 1865 excavation near basilica and cemetery: Giovanni Baptiste de Rossi

Sebastian: commander of the First Cohort?

SICILY: Agatha and Lucy.  at Catania, at Syracuse

SPAIN: Saint Vincent of Saragossa, deacon.

"Salvete, flores martyrum" Prudentius

lapsi question and Donatist schismatics

Melitus and his "Church of the Martyrs"

Galerius: Edict of Toleration. April 30, 311

New Tetrarchy:

Constantine: Britain, Gaul, Spain, Gibraltar

Maxentius: Italy, Rhaetia, North Africa, west Mediterranean Islands

Licinius: Greece, Crete, Balkans

Maximin: Asia Minor, levant, Egypt, Libya

Constantine's sister Constantia to Licinius  while Maximin courts favor with Maxentius


Turin in northern Italy

Verona and march down the Via Flaminina toward Rome