Early Church History 27

The Great Persecution

Winter of 302-303 at Nicomedia.

Galerius, Diocletian

Christian historian Lactantius

February 24, 303, feast of the god Terminus

Diocletian's wife Prisca and daughter Valeria

Chamberlains Gorgonius and Peter, Master Chamberlain Dorotheus

Bishop Anthimus of Nicomedia

Persecution throughout Asia Minor to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, North Africa to Mauretania

Eusebius: Those who were supposed to be our pastors distained the paths of divine piety and inflamed their hearts in contests one with another, only adding thus to the quarrels and threats, the rivalry, the envies and hates of the times.  They filled their time in striving for position in no different a manner from the princes of this world)

Council of Elvira

Giuseppe Riccotti, Age of Martyrs

Maximian, Constantius/ Diocletian, Galerius

Maxentius and Constantine

Diocletian: I have labored long and done all I could to keep the Empire together during my office.  If things go wrong now, the fault is yours."

Salona, Dalmatian coast

Maxentius and Maximian (Bis Augustus)

Minervina, mother of Crispus, divorced; Fausta, daughter of Maximian, married.

November 308 meeting: Diocletian, Galerius, Maximian

damnatio memoriae


Cirta in Numidia: bishop, priests, deacons, sub-deacons, lectors, and fossores: 35 complete codices

Carthage: Bishop Mensurius

Bishop Donatus, Bishop Felix, Bishop Marinus

Saints Basil and Gregory of Nyssa

"confessores metallici"

Bishop Cyril of Antioch

blind Lector John


Bishop Meletius of Lycopolis to the quarry at Phoeno

Priest Arius

"The Church of the Martyrs"

Pope Marcellinus, lapsus? vacancy from 304 - 308

priest Marcellus with 25 tituli (parishes)

Pope Eusebius

Donatist Schism