Early Church History 26


Emperor Aurelian's secretary

from Commodus (192) to Diocletian: 28 emperors/ 22 murdered!

Claudius Tacitus (1 year), Probus (6 years), Carus and Sons (2 years)

XII Legion History: Marcus Aurelius on the Danuble

Marcomanni, Quadi

Christ or Thoth (Arnufis) Mercury


Prefect of the Praetorian, Aper

Diocletian or Carinus


Marcus Aurelius Maximian (Pannonia)

The Theban Legion to fight Bagauds and Christians

Aguanum or Saint Maurice, Switzerland

Eucherius of Lyon around 400

Three emperors?  Carausius, Maximian, Diocletian

291 Diocletian and Maximian meet at Milan

Constantius (Illyrian) with Helena (stabularia) and son Constantine and Anastasia

Theodora, step daughter of Maximian

Galerius (Illyrian)

Thus Tetrarchy at Milan:

East: Diocletian as Augustus; Galerius as Caesar

West: Maximian as Augustus; Constantius as Caesar

Treveri, Trier - Gaul, Britain

Milan - Raetia, Italy, Africa, (Spain)

Sirmium - Danube, Illyria, Macedonia, Greece

Nicomedia - Asian Minor, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya

100+ provinces (proconsul), dioceses (vicariuis), 4 prefectures (prefect or high commisioner)

Lactantius: There were more tax-collectors than tax-payers."

Diocletian's daughter Valeria, Galerius' bride

governor of Palmyra, apostate Hierocles, Prefect of Bithnya

A Friendly Discourse on Truth

"Ignominioso missio"

Eusebius of Caesarea, Lactantius

295 Conscript Maximilian

Tertullian and the Montanists

"I cannot be a soldier.  I cannot do evil.  I am a Christian."

298 Marcellus the Centurion: "I am a soldier of Jesus Christ."

Cassian the Scribe: "You have pronounced an unjust sentence."

Lactantius' The Deaths of the Persecutors