Early Church History 24

The Sixth Generation:  Church in Peace and Persecution

Emperor Commodus

Praetorian Guard

"Gladiator" Film


Pertinax, Senator Didius Julianus

Septimus Severus

Julia Domna, priestess called Martha of the god Baal

Albinus in Gaul

Papianus of Syria, Ulpian of Tyre

Potameaena, Basilides

Perpetua and Faelicity

Picts. York. "Get along, enrich the troops, forget everything else."

Geta and Caracalla

damnatio memoriae


Julia Domna and Julia Maesa at Emesa: Elagabalus and Alexander Severus.

Robinson: "There can be little doubt, however, that this curious creature took himself very seriously.  El-gabal

Prayer to Pantheos: "Although in form it was a foolish freak of the emperor, in fact, it was a pointer with a historical foundation, that is, the oriental sun god was really destined to be the final lord of the heavens believed in by this decadent world."

sol invictus, December 25th

Sassanid princes of Persia

Clement of Alexandria to Cappadocia; Alexander, bishop of Neocaesarea

Aelia, Bishop Narcissus of Jerusalem

Inscription of Abercius of Hieropolis, conflict between Hippolytus and Callistus, synod of Carthage (218), Origen's First Principles, Sabellianism condemned, Saint Callistus martyred, pontificate of Urban, Pontianus, Fabian, Origen and Bishop Berylus, Contra Celsum, Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria

Sixtus Julius Africanus. Pantheon: Orpheus, Abraham, Apollonius, Christ

Chronicles of Human History, Embroideries (Κçσυοί)

Maximinus Trax

Gordianus, Philippus Arabs (Philip the Arab) murdered in Moesia.

Decius, Alamanni, Ostro-Goths, Thrace and Macedonia

Plotinus, Ammonius Saccas, Porphyry

roma Aeterna

libellus, certificate.


Fabius of rome, Babylas of Antioch, Alexander of Jerusalem

Cyprian of Carthage, Dionysius of Alexandria, Origen at Tyre