Early Church History 22

Hippolytus: Priest, Martyr and Anti-Pope

Deacon Callistus; Pope Zephyrinus; Priest Sabellius

Sebellianism or Patripassionism, Modalism

Father and Son are separate "prosopa," persons

Tertullian, a Montanist: writes the "Modesty" treatise

Apostolic Tradition (Greek lost; copies in Latin, Coptic and Arabic)

"It is not altogether necessary for the bishop to recite the very same words which we gave before as if he had to study them in order to say them by heart in his thanksgiving to God."  (In Coptic and Arabic, the NOT is removed)

subordinationist (as was Justin, Tertullian and Athenagorus) "and thus there appears another besides Himself [God]. But when I say another, I do not mean that there are two Gods, but that it is only light from light, or as water from a fountain, or as a ray from the sun."


Ecclesiology. The Church is the Bride and Spouse of Christ.  The Church has two parts, external and internal.  "The sea is the world, in which the Church is set, like a ship tossed in the deep, but not destroyed, for she has with her the skilled Pilot, Christ ... she has also mariners on the left and on the right, assessors like the holy angels, by whom the Church is always governed and defended ... and the topsails aloft upon the yard are the company of prophets, martyrs and apostles, who have entered into their rest in the kingdom."

Pope Saint Urban I, Pope Saint Pontianus

Emperor Maximin Thrax

Pope Saint Anterus, Pope Saint Fabian

De pascha computus