Early Church History 16

Tertullian: Semens sanguis Christianorum est.

"Nothing whatever is accomplished by your cruelties, each more exquisite  than the last.  it is the bait which wins men for our school.  We multiply whenever we are mowed down by you; blood of Christian is seed."

Quintus Septimus Florens Tertullianus


Marcion, Gnostics

Montanus: Phrygia, "glossolalia"

Prisca and Maximilla

"No angel, no messenger is here, but I, the Lord, God the Father, have come myself"

Pontus, Syria

extreme privations: celibacy, fasting ("on the watch"), twice a year weeks of abstinence; quick to surrender in persecutions.

More schismatic than heretical

Major works: Apology (193), Testimony of the Soul, De Spectaculis, Against Heretics, Prayer, Patience, Baptism, Repentance, Ad Uxorum, Against the Jews, Against Hermogenes, Against Marcion, The Veiling of Virgins, The Soul

213: De Fuga in Persecutione,

Modesty: I hear that there has even been an edict, and indeed a peremptory one.  A pontiff-sovereign, of course, this is a bishop of bishops -- has declared "I remit the sins both of adultery and of fornication, for such as have done penance." Oh, edict to which it is not possible to subscribe a "well-done!"

36 extant codices, ie. Vincent of Lerins (450), copied out at Clairvaux (1100), discoverd in 1916 in a library at Troyes ... Codex Trecensis.

"Trinitas unius Divinitatis, Pater et filius et Spiritus Sanctus"

The Logos is other than the Father, "in the sense of a person, not of substance, for distinctiveness, not for division."

Against Praxeas

Saint Jerome: "As to Tertullian, I have nothing else to say except that he was not a man of the Church."

De Carne Christi: "Indeed, she (Eve) gave birth to a fratricidal devil; while Mary on the contrary bore one who was one day to secure salvation of Israel."

Forgiveness of sins: "and accordingly 'The Church,' it is true, will forgive sins; but it will be the Church of the Spirit, by means of a spiritual man; not the Church which consists of a number of bishops."

De Carnis Resurrectione: "The flesh feeds on the body and blood of Christ, that the soul likewise may fatten on God."

Reservation of the Eucharist: "the bread which Christ took and distributed to His disciples He made his body, saying 'This is my body." (id est figura corporis mei)

Adversus Marcionis: a mystic tie between the Last Supper, Calvary, every Mass.  Unworthy reception of the Eucharist: "Once did the Jews lay hands on Christ; these (the unworthy) mangled his Body daily. Oh, hands to be cut off! What hands are more to be amputated than those in which scandal is done to the Lord's Body?"

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