Early Church History 11

The Bishops of Rome in the Second Generation

Linus, 12 years

Cletus (Anacletus), 12 years

Clement, 12 - 14 years


Clement and Xystus: Euarestus, 8-9 years, Alexander, 10 years

Pope Xystus


Shepherd of Hermes: episkopoi kai philoxenoi "who gladly welcome the servants of God into their houses"

Dio Cassius, Titus Flavius Clemens

Martyrium S. Clementis, Pseudo-Clementines

Paul's letter to the Philippians 4;3 Yes, and I ask you also, my true yokemate, to help them, for they have struggled at my side promoting the gospel, along with Clement and my other coworkers, whose names are in the book of life.

THREE BASIC FACTS: 1) The Lord's Day; 2) The four Gospels; 3) The episcopal system of authority

Tacitus: "where everything that is horrible and shameful flows together and becomes fashionable."

Juneval's poem: Tiberim Defluxit Orontes

What race is best received among our wealthy friends today,

Though I'd avoid their company, I'm not ashamed to say.

Ye doughty sons of Romulus, I boldly do declare

Our sacred city, Hellenized, is more than I can bear.

The sewage of the Greeks today infects our moral fiber

And the Syrian Orantes drains its filth into our Tiber.


Archbishop Bryennios

Codex Alexandrinus

"Owing to the sudden and repeated calamities and misfortunes which have befallen us ..."

Danaids and Dirces

apostolic succession:  God sent Jesus Christ who sent the Apostles who converted further generations who "appointed either by them, or later, with the consent of the whole church, by other men in high repute."

"bending the knee of your hearts"

Clement sites Romans 15, 1st Corinthian 13 and 15, Mark 9 and 14. Titus 3, Hebrews 1 and 12, Ephesians 4, Luke 17 and 22, Matthew 18 and 26, 1st Peter 4 and Acts 26.

Quasten: The universal esteem in which Clement was held in antiquity is responsible for the attribution to him of several other writings.