Saint Louis: The Story of Catholic Evangelization of America’s Heartland
Volume Two: The Lion and the Fourth City
Episode 7: Trusteeism Thwarted and Peter Richard before St. Louis

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Philadelphia Diocese

Bishop Henry Conwell

Francis Patrick Kenrick

Father Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin - Russian Prince

Trustee System">St. Paul Cathedral under interdict in Pittsburg

Corporate Sole

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

Peter Richard Kenrick

Bishop Colin

Maynooth College, Ireland

Leopoldine Society

Catholic Herald

The New Month of Mary book by P.R. Kenrick

History of the Holy House of Loretto book by P.R. Kenrick

Pope Leo XIII

Bishop Joseph Rosati

Bishop John England of Charleston

Baltimore Archdiocese

Decline of use of Latin

Old Creole Families

French-speaking St. Louis

German and Irish immigrants

Osage Indians