Saint Louis: The Story of Catholic Evangelization of America’s Heartland
Volume Two: The Lion and the Fourth City

"Episode 17: A Catholic Voice: Kenrick's Pastoral Letters"

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“Noli irritare leonem!”

First Pastoral Letter: Christian Temperance. February 16, 1842


“Ten Nights in a Barroom and What I Saw There”

St. Vrain Brewery, 1840

Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch

Second Pastoral Letter: Persecution of Catholics in Spain. June 1, 1842

Third Pastoral Letter: Support for Spiritual and Apostolic Works. September 14, 1846

Fourth Pastoral Letter: Appeal for Prayers for Pope Pius IX. February 2, 1849

The Shepherd of the Valley

The Catholic Cabinet (“a museum of curiosities”)