Saint Louis: The Story of Catholic Evangelization of America's Heartland
Volume 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Canoeing Into the Unknown

Chapter 3
Exploring the Mississippi River

Chapter 4
Marquette and Jolliet Return North

Chapter 5
Robert La Salle Takes Up Exploration: 1679

Chapter 6
The Murder of Robert La Salle and Its Aftermath

Chapter 7
Early Conversions of Native Americans in the Heartland

Chapter 8

Chapter 9
War and Peaceful Prosperity

Chapter 10
Prosperity of the French Croissant

Chapter 11
The French and Indian War

Chapter 12
1763: Year of Double Disasters

Chapter 13
Father Meurin Survives

Chapter 14
Pierre Laclède

Chapter 15
Comte de Kerlérec

Chapter 16
The Founding of Saint Louis

Chapter 17
The Plotting of Saint Louis

Chapter 18
The Peopling of Saint Louis

Chapter 19
The Spanish Arrive

Chapter 20
The Osage

Chapter 21
Trading and Trapping with the Osage

Chapter 22
The American Revolution

Chapter 23
Catholics at War

Chapter 24
The Battle of Saint Louis

Chapter 25
The Four Gracious Daughters

Chapter 26
Carroll Becomes a Bishop

Chapter 27
Father Emery Fears the Revolution

Chapter 28
French Émigré Enrich the Church in America

Chapter 29
The Louisiana Purchase

Chapter 30
Priest Shortage in Louisiana lands

Chapter 31
Fathers Dunard and Nerinckx

Chapter 32
Rose Philippine Duchesne

Chapter 33
Philippine Survives the Revolution

Chapter 34
Philippine Meets Madeline Sophie Barat

Chapter 35
Bishop Du Bourg Recruits For His Diocese

Chapter 36
Du Bourg Comes to Saint Louis

Chapter 37
Saint Louis Grows into a Midwest City

Chapter 38
Saint Louis University and Mother Duchesne Come to Saint Louis

Chapter 39
The Osage, Sacred Heart Sisters, Jesuits

Chapter 40
The Jesuits Return to Saint Louis

Chapter 41
The Sacred Heart Sisters Move to Florissant

Chapter 42
Rosati Becomes Coadjutor Bishop

Chapter 43
The Citadel of Romanism

Chapter 44
Sisters of Charity, Visitation Nuns, Sisters of Saint Joseph

Chapter 45
Rosati Builds a Cathedral But Fails in Arkansas

Chapter 46
A German Flood in America’s Heartland

Chapter 47
Out to Kansas City and Chicago

Chapter 48
Sad Story of Indian Displacement

Chapter 49
The New Old Cathedral and Know-Nothings

Chapter 50
Newspaper Wars and Flathead Indians

Chapter 51
The Germans Flock to Saint Louis

Chapter 52
Pastors’ Problems in Westphalia and the Synod of 1839

Chapter 53
Bishop Rosati dies in Rome

Chapter 54
Kenrick as Co-adjutor Bishop