Saint Louis: The Story of Catholic Evangelization of America’s Heartland
Volume One: From Canoe to Cathedral
Episode 51: The Germans Flock to Saint Louis

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Treaty of Vienna

Rhineland and Pomerania

Diocese of M¸«änster

Hohenzollern Family of Prussia

Westphalia, Rhineland, Hanover and Bavaria

Father Barnaby Faherty, St. Louis German Catholics, 2004

Father Francis Xavier Dahmen at Sainte Genevieve

Father Francis Regis Loisel and Father Charles Meyer

Belleville, Millstadt, Teutonia (Paderborn), Libory Settlement, Germantown in Illinois

Father Gaspar Henry Ostlandenberg

Dimissorial letters

Father Peter Lefevere

Father Augustus Florentinus Brickwedde, diocese of Osnabruck

Saint Boniface Parish in Quincy, Illinois

Bishop James Oliver Van de Velde of Chicago

Saint Libory Parish in St. Libory, Illinois